1 year ago
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Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been very active on this blog. I created this blog because there aren’t enough blogs (maybe I just haven’t seen them) dedicated to the awesome anime that is YakiPan. I feel sad that I have been somewhat neglecting this blog. My classes are keeping me very busy and I just can’t manage this blog alone. So I have decided to open auditions(?), registrations(?), submissions(?), I don’t know what word I’m looking for :P, to help run this blog. Yay! ^^

If you want to run this blog with me (I hope someone wants to, I don’t bite), answer these questions in the ask.

1). Why do you love Yakitate!! Japan?

2). How much free time do you have?

3). How active will you be on this blog? (percentage)

4). Are you good at editing? (Can you make gif’s and such?)

5). Will you be my friend? (just asking :P)

Please and thank you! :)